Workplace discrimination
Discrimination and Harassment January 26th, 2024
What is Considered Discrimination in the Workplace?
Do you feel like something is wrong at your job, but you are not sure if it is workplace discrimination? We understand – it can take many years of legal training and experience to identify what legally constitutes discrimination. When in doubt, you should contact an experienced employment attorney.
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Bonus pay
Pay and overtime issues January 19th, 2024
Bonus Pay- 3 Interesting Facts
Under California law, a bonus is defined as “Money promised to an employee in addition to the monthly salary, hourly wage, commission or piece rate, which are usually due as compensation. Bonuses are in addition to any other remuneration rate and may be predicated on performance over and above that which is paid for hours worked, pieces made, or sales completed.”
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D.Law Growth-Hand Holding sapling
Employment Law January 17th, 2024
D.Law Reaches New Heights in 2023, Looks Ahead To An Even Greater 2024
Employment law firm D.Law celebrated an incredibly successful year, sharing highlights of a wide range of 2023 accomplishments with staff and guests at a December holiday gathering held at their future headquarters in Pasadena.
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employment laws
Employment Law January 11th, 2024
4 New Employment Laws That Can Affect You in 2024
Employment laws in California are evaluated, changed, and created annually. 2024 brings new laws that can directly affect workers in The Golden State. Here is an overview of just three of the changes in the law that employees need to know about.
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disability leave
Leaves of absence December 19th, 2023
Can I Be Fired During Disability Leave?
If you are like many workers, you might wonder if you can be fired while on disability leave. The answer is – it’s complicated. Fortunately, our employment lawyers at D.Law can help you determine if your employer may legally fire you while taking disability leave.
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sexually harassed
Discrimination and Harassment December 18th, 2023
What Can I Do If I’m Sexually Harassed at Work?
If you’ve been sexually harassed at work, you might wonder if there is anything you can do to protect yourself and your coworkers. Sexual harassment is about power, after all, and you may feel powerless against the person or people who harassed you.
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pay transparency act
Pay and overtime issues December 2nd, 2023
8 Important Things to Know about the Pay Transparency Act (SB 1162)
The ever-changing landscape of California employment law has changed again – and in a big way for many workers and employers – with the Pay Transparency Act.
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pregnant woman at desk
Discrimination and Harassment November 23rd, 2023
What Are My Rights As A Pregnant Employee?
Pregnancy is an exciting time for many expecting mothers. However, it can also be a period of uncertainty. Women may be concerned about telling their employer about their pregnancy for a variety of reasons.
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