Employee rights- person at counter thinking
Employment Law April 17th, 2024
3 Common Mistakes Workers Make When Managing Their Employee Rights in the Workplace
Most employees work hard to avoid making mistakes on the job. One of the biggest mistakes they make, though, is not properly managing their employee rights in their workplace.
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5 Termination Laws
Wrongful Termination April 10th, 2024
Were You Fired? Here Are 5 Termination Laws In California You Need To Know
Termination laws regulate what happens when your job comes to an end. Federal termination laws make it illegal to fire someone for their race, gender, and age, for example, or for reporting illegal or unsafe workplace practices.
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Employment Law March 27th, 2024
Emil Davtyan, Richard S. Rosenberg and Todd B. Scherwin Share Insights on Labor & Employment Law
"[PTO] trends not only benefit employees but can also enhance organizational productivity and morale, as well-supported employees are likely to be more engaged and committed to their work.” - Emil Davtyan
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Independent Contractor rights- hands handing payment
Employment Law March 22nd, 2024
What Are My Rights as an Independent Contractor in CA?
Being an independent contractor is quite different from being in an employee-employer relationship. Unlike traditional employees, independent contractors in California complete projects independently, without the company controlling how and when they do it.
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Prove wrongful termination
Wrongful Termination March 11th, 2024
What Evidence is Needed to Prove Wrongful Termination?
Were you fired from your job unfairly? You may have been a victim of wrongful termination – and it’s possible there’s something you can do about it. Wrongful termination may occur for unauthorized or illegal reasons. It may violate local, state, and federal laws, for example, or it may go against public policy. Breaching the terms of your employment contract is also considered wrongful termination.
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whistleblower law people carrying large megaphone with person riding on top of it.
Workplace Retaliation February 21st, 2024
Does California Have A Whistleblower Law?
Are you aware of illegal activities at your place of work, but are worried about losing your job, ruining your reputation, or possibly even going to jail? You might be glad to know that California has whistleblower laws to help protect people who want to shine a spotlight on wrongdoings or injustice.
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bereavement leave- person sitting in chair grieving
Protected Leave February 14th, 2024
Is Bereavement Leave Protected in California?
The loss of a loved one and grief may be a life-changing event that can affect your ability to do your job. For years, workers were at the mercy of their employers when it came to bereavement leave. Under a newly passed law, many employers in California must now grant time off for employees who have lost a family member.
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wrongful termination- man with box and termination letter
Wrongful Termination February 7th, 2024
3 Important Things You Can Do If You Suspect Wrongful Termination
Wrongful termination can be devastating. Losing your job can leave your household struggling financially, and it may also harm your professional reputation. If you think you have been wrongfully terminated in California, you may be able to take legal action.
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