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How D.Law is leading the way in the field of employment law.

Employment Law March 27th, 2024
Emil Davtyan, Richard S. Rosenberg and Todd B. Scherwin Share Insights on Labor & Employment Law
"[PTO] trends not only benefit employees but can also enhance organizational productivity and morale, as well-supported employees are likely to be more engaged and committed to their work.” - Emil Davtyan
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Employment Law-Emil Davtyan
Employment Law October 24th, 2023
Emil Davtyan Recognized As A Leader of Influence In Labor & Employment Law
Los Angeles Business Journal recognizes Emil Davtyan as one of LA's Leaders of Influence in Labor & Employment Law! D. Law congratulates him and the other recognized individuals on this wonderful honor. Read the full article below for more information.
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Employment Law September 22nd, 2023
D.Law Recognized as One of the Most Admired Law firms to work for in 2023
The Los Angeles Business Journal has listed employment law firm D.Law as one of the most admired law firms to work for in the LA area for 2023
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Employment Law September 8th, 2023
Yeremian Law Joins Forces With D.Law to Form Employment Law Powerhouse
As experts in California employment law, both D.Law and Yeremian Law share that commitment, making D.Law’s recent acquisition of Yeremian Law a natural, and powerful, collaboration.
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Employment Law September 8th, 2023
D.Law Honored as #1 Mid-Size Business in “100 Best Places to Work in L.A.” Awards for 2023
The Los Angeles Business Journal has ranked employment law firm D.Law as #1 Mid-Size Business among the “100 Best Places to Work in Los Angeles” for 2023.
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About D.Law May 21st, 2023
D.Law’s Young, Vibrant Leadership Team Protects California’s Working Class From Abusive Employers
Exuberant. Emerging. Sharp. Hip. Diverse. Relatable. Innovative. Those are just some of the select few words that best describe the collective at D.Law.
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Employment Law March 26th, 2023
Emil Davtyan, Todd B. Scherwin and Carney R. Shegerian Share Insights on Labor & Employment Law
I am so thrilled and privileged to have a staff of fearless young leaders who are making an impact, changing lives for our clients, and helping the blue-collar community across California.
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Employment Law January 23rd, 2023
Employment Law Firm D.Law Acquires Kevin T. Barnes’ Group To Continue Protecting California’s Working Class
In recent months and years, we’ve been grappling with the idea that we should be way more involved in the actual litigation of these wages and hour class actions, so we thought this was the perfect opportunity for us to do that.
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Employment Law January 5th, 2023
Employment Law Firm D.Law Expands with New Glendale, California Headquarters, Staff of Nearly 80
We absolutely loved our previous headquarters in Glendale, but as our work family grew, we needed more space to make sure we provided the best-in-class help to California’s underserved blue-collar community.
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