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Tania Fonseca

Associate Attorney

+1 818 962 6465

880 E Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205

My upbringing as a daughter of working-class Mexican immigrants taught me that only by raising awareness of and advocating for employees’ rights can workers truly be empowered. Speaking only Spanish and with limited formal education, my parents found work in the strawberry fields, interstate roads, and restaurant kitchens of California. Their hard work and aspirations for a better life motivated me to graduate from the University of California San Diego and attend California Western School of Law where I devoted much of my education to learning advocacy for immigrant workers. My entire professional career has been focused on plaintiff’s side employment law, fighting the good fight against unscrupulous employers who violate the Labor rights and dignity of vulnerable workers. I hope to continue that mission here at D.Law.

📓 Fun fact

I have been to Yellowstone National Park over 25 times and counting. It’s my favorite place on earth.