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Silvia Pimentel

Litigation Assistant

+1 818 962 6465

880 E Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205

Before David Yeremian and Associates merged with D.Law, I had been working for David Yeremian for a little over 3 years while simultaneously receiving my paralegals certification. Very early in my employment, I learned that employee violations that “Only happen outside the States” was a false reality. Employees in present day are suffering hardship and in many cases are severely taken advantage of and somehow, they are still dedicated to their employer for fear of retaliation or termination. This grew my passion for employment law and fueled my drive to help employees. It takes an entire team to get the job done, and it holds true that teamwork makes the dream work. I pride myself in building a rapport with clients to better assist their needs and help them understand the litigation process, so they never feel alone along the way. I am very excited to be part of D.Law as the company values align with what we were already practicing and more.

In my personal life, I am fulfilled mothering my 3-year-old son Ace and answering what feels like 100 questions every other minute. I love how they differ in range from, “What happened to the dinosaurs?” to “What’s the reason for showers?” I’ve been very fortunate to share my love for travel with him as he has already made his first international trip to Japan in November 2022.

📓 Fun fact

I love watching criminal trials from start to finish. The longest case I followed was a little over 5 years.