Ignacio Martinez

Creative Lead

With over 15 years in advertising, I’ve collaborated with industry giants like Microsoft, Disney, Netflix, Sony, and other top players, crafting compelling narratives across packaging, print, digital, and social marketing. Before joining D.Law, one of my early accomplishments was leading a complex advertising campaign. I was the copywriter, designer, art director, and production artist. This project refined my interdisciplinary skills and marked a significant turning point in my career, laying the foundation for my work today.

As Creative Lead at D.Law, I spearhead our brand strategy and creative direction, guiding our marketing and content projects from inception to final delivery. Our commitment to excellence has earned D.Law recognition as one of the “100 Best Places to Work in L.A.”

I am helping transform the legal landscape by ensuring D.Law’s innovative approach connects and resonates with our clients. It’s my background as a musician and songwriter that allows me to bring a creative eye and artistic insight into every aspect of my work. Not one to shy away from new technologies, I have embraced AI and use it to enhance our creative processes.

📓 Fun fact

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, exploring ancient history, and immersing myself in anything science fiction and horror related.