Cindy Bio cropped

Cindy Rivas

Administrative Manager

Before joining the D.Law, I had a 17-year legal assistant career at the distinguished Law Offices of Kevin T. Barnes. Under the leadership of Mr. Barnes and his law partner of 20 years, Gregg Lander, I learned strong work ethics, dependability, the power of collaboration, and loyalty. As a member of a small firm, I became the wearer of many hats. At times, the environment was hectic and standards were high, but working in this fast-paced environment shaped my professional skills tremendously. I look forward to the opportunity of bringing those same qualities to the D.Law, a firm with a strong commitment to pursuing excellence and a strong desire to make a difference in people’s lives.

On most days, you can find me living in the moment, taking advantage of what each day has to offer. I love being outdoors, from a quick stroll around my neighborhood to a heart-racing, high-altitude, difficult hike with family and friends. I find being outdoors energizing, as it gives me a sense of perspective. I also enjoy listening to well-narrated audio books and podcasts about health, science, and nutrition.

📓 Fun fact

I’m a big fan of black-and-white movies, specifically American film noir from the 1940s, and anything set in Los Angeles. My favorite movie of that.