Anna Tonyan

Associate Attorney

+1 818 875 2008

400 N. Brand Blvd, 7th Floor, Glendale, CA 91203

After earning my Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Foreign Literature with honors from the Yerevan State University, I emigrated to Los Angeles with my family and earned my Juris Doctor degree from Southwestern Law School. During law school, I sought to find my area of passion within the law by working in multiple practice areas to gain hands-on experience. I served as a law clerk for the District Attorney’s Office and the Los Angeles County Counsel’s office, and worked at law firms specializing in immigration, personal injury, criminal law, probate, and employment law. I quickly learned I had a passion for employment law.

After receiving my Juris Doctor degree in 2015, I started working at a Plaintiff’s employment law firm defending employees. My personal experiences and understanding of the challenges faced by immigrant families helped me empathize with my clients and better advocate for their rights. By using my legal expertise and knowledge of employment laws, I provide valuable support to working class Americans who may be unaware of their rights or unsure how to navigate complex legal processes. My dedication to ensuring their fair treatment can help level the playing field for those who have been wronged and hold employers accountable for their actions.

I continued my advocacy of employee right by joining D.Law as an Associate Attorney in 2023 and aspire to continue making a positive impact for California’s working class. I remain dedicated to my goal of protecting employees’ rights, seeking justice, creating a more equitable work environment, and ensuring that my clients receive a favorable resolution to their employment-related disputes.

📓 Fun fact

I have been to 15 countries and studied different languages and cultures. I know Armenian, Russian, French and am currently learning Spanish. I love to have the ability to communicate with my clients in their native languages.