Is It Possible To Sue Employers For Workplace Stress?

Employment Law September 20th, 2022
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There are multiple reasons why an employee may experience workplace stress. Extreme stress in the workplace, emotional distress, bullying on the job, and other similar treatments can be caused by various forms of illegal discrimination or harassment and not tolerated in the California work environment. An employment lawyer licensed to practice in California can help.


The Work Environment


The California discrimination and harassment laws are designed to protect California workers from harm and abuse at the hands of their employers. Employers have a responsibility to each of their employees to create a working environment that does not harm their employees and keeps the work environment free from discrimination and harassment.

Many people start new positions hoping that they found their dream job. Sometimes it starts out that way, but over time the office dynamics change – a new employee is hired, an incident occurs on the job, or a client decides to leave the company. Other examples that can bring about workplace stress include:

  • The office that you once loved to be in has now become a nightmare.
  • New employees who are not nice, make comments and cause you to doubt yourself
  • A new boss who is rude and yells when they are frustrated
  • Added work that isn’t within your job description – helping other employees who cannot get their work done.

These are examples of situations that can lead to stress on the job and emotional distress at work if they were caused by illegal discrimination and harassment. Maybe you cannot sleep well at night. You don’t want to go to work. You feel trapped in a job that you now dislike. You feel if you quit your boss will retaliate against you. You are afraid of your coworkers. You are excluded from their friendship and workplace cliques. You worry constantly about making mistakes or having to face an angry boss or coworker.

Any of these situations can be the bases for workplace stress lawsuits in California.


The Role of Employers


Employers have a responsibility to spot problems like those described above and many others. It is their role to prevent those situations and create a work environment free from harassment and discrimination. Nobody should be made to worry or feel ill at the thought of going to work.


Call DLaw If You Feel You Are Under Undue Workplace Stress


The Labor Code has tools written into it that help protect employees from a negative working environment. If you feel that you need protection from an employer or a fellow employee due to conflict at work, give us a call at (818) 275-5799. We work with you so that you understand your rights, listen to your experiences at work, and give you honest advice about what you can do. We also protect you legally so that you can find a new job without potential retaliation from your employer.

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