DLaw Attorney Cathe Caraway Fights For California’s Working Class in Court – And Beyond

Employment Law October 26th, 2022
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Cathe Caraway is a veteran lawyer who brings decades-long experience to the powerful collective at Davtyan Law Firm, taking great pride in providing greater access to justice for California workers who’ve been mistreated in their jobs.

“I learned early in life that my purpose is to champion the rights of others,” said Caraway. “I have represented thousands of California workers in hundreds of cases, resulting in putting millions of dollars in unpaid wages back into the pockets of the hardworking individuals who earned them.”

Caraway has over 30 years of legal experience. She earned a bachelor’s degree in international relations from the University of California, Davis, and earned her law degree with academic honors from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.

“I started out working in a personal injury law firm in Los Angeles. Workers were bringing employment issues along with their car accidents, dog bites, and slip-and-fall cases,” recalled Caraway. “I was the attorney who handled the workplace discrimination, harassment, and retaliation cases. Having found my true purpose as an attorney, I left and started my own law firm.”

In 2004, Caraway embarked on yet another career highlight when she led the way on her first class action wage and hour lawsuit. Caraway was representing restaurant workers who were paid less than minimum wage and discriminated against based on their nationality.

“The success of that case taught me how powerful class action cases can be,” said Caraway. “The restaurant chain we sued had to pay everyone lawfully because of our case. I have continued to bring class action cases as well as individual cases for workers ever since.”

In 2013, Caraway was awarded Super Lawyer status in recognition of her work in employment and wage and hour cases – an honor she’s won every year ever since.

In January 2015, Caraway won the case of Mendiola vs. CPS – a class action for security guards who were on duty 24 hours a day but were only paid for 8 hours.

The Mendiola case was decided after 10 years of hard-fought litigation, and it has been cited multiple times by the California Supreme Court as well as dozens of California appellate courts as precedent for workers to be paid for all their hours worked.

“It gives me great pleasure to now practice my trade as part of DLaw’s powerhouse attorney team and provide help and support to California’s working class,” said Caraway.

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