Employment Law April 6th, 2022
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Leading employment law firm, Davtyan Law aka DLaw, is celebrating a post-covid workforce return to a Los Angeles area HQ that redefines the modern Law Firm.

When DLaw founder and Managing Attorney, Emil Davtyan embarked on his mission of “Champion for California’s Working Class”, he realized the need to disrupt and abandon the clinical, white-collar, ivory-tower stigma that plagues modern-day law firms.

To remain true to his mission and working-class roots, Emil set out to meticulously cultivate a company culture that redefines the modern-day law firm through a welcoming, creative, family-like atmosphere to establish trust while eliminating the typical law-firm intimidation factor.

The feeling that DLaw is a different type of law firm is evident the minute one steps into the central entry plaza of the 4,500 square foot brick building in the heart of Glendale’s business district.  The 3-arch, bowstring truss structure, multi-hued perimeter ceiling lighting, widespread use of floor to glass walls for 15 interview rooms and offices, central open work area, creates an airy, inviting atmosphere for the 50-plus person team of legal professionals and guests alike.

The inviting atmosphere is amplified by a living-room style waiting area where guests are greeted with a big screen 4K TV, video games, and even a popcorn machine.  The “welcoming and caring” theme continues to the main conference room where a wall-to-ceiling open shelf system houses literary favorites from DLaw staffers grouped around a centrally located neon heart.  All of this aims to fulfill Emil’s mission of easing tensions around what is typically an intimidating, stress-filled process for working-class individuals seeking legal help.

To bring his vision of DLaw’s HQ to life, Emil joined forces with Rick Corsini, LA native, Harvard graduate, and Principal of the Award-Winning Corsini Stark Architectural firm. Corsini’s 25 years of excellence across Custom Residential, Creative Workplaces, Historic Preservation, and Adaptive Reuse projects were a perfect fit for Emil’s disruptive vision. You can find more imagery here.

When Emil purchased the property, his mission was to maintain the heritage and history of the building while disrupting stereotypes around the modern law firm as we know it.  “I wanted DLaw to be a breath of fresh air compared to the old-school ivory tower law firms that people are used to. I wanted to create a warm, inviting, down-to-earth place that is fitting for everyday people, all while celebrating architecture.”

“DLaw is not your traditional law firm by any means,” said Rick Corsini. “The space as it stood originally was interesting and spatially elegant, and we wanted to stay away from traditional and conservative images that law offices have. Each area across DLaw elicited a different set of ideas and strategies to execute. It’s rare to see designs fitting for a multi-faceted creative agency and residential setting used for a law firm. Law offices traditionally prefer the old-school layout with corner offices, it was refreshing to hear that kind of organization was not applicable for us. Years ago, that idea might have seemed far-fetched.”

Corsini developed Emil’s vision and paid particular attention to lighting, furniture, and finishes to introduce process and organization around a digital, predominantly paperless space. The building’s underground parking created a platform that raised the floor level several feet above the street. The split-level arrangement yielded amazing design opportunities, so Corsini cleared the old clutter and allowed for the volume of the space to be prominently featured.

“We listened to what Emil had in mind with the distinct vision for helping California’s working class. He had a great sense of how things can work. It was easy to come up with a concept that was going to work for him, his staff, and their clients. There was a lot of trust involved around design as well as office space and organization. He had a practical standpoint and a strong eye for aesthetics. All considered, it made him an ideal partner to work with,” said Rick Corsini.

For Emil and his team, the project was creatively and intellectually stimulating because it allowed the entire DLaw team to get to the core of how to build a better working environment while appealing to the firm’s working-class clientele.

“It’s been an amazing journey completing the project and seeing the promise and potential becoming a reality,” said Emil Davtyan. “We come to work every day with the energy and enthusiasm to help California’s working class.”

 DLaw is a member of the California Lawyers Association, California Employment Lawyers Association, National Employment Lawyers Association. The firm is a 4.5+ star consumer-rated firm with A+ Accreditation by BBB.  The firm is driven by the mission of “Champion for California’s Working Class.”  To fulfill its mission, DLaw provides free, no-obligation consultation and case evaluation services.

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