3 Interesting Things To Know About Expense Reimbursement Laws

Employment Law May 29th, 2023
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The California Labor Code 2802 covers the rules for expense reimbursement in California. In short, it says that an employer is obligated to reimburse any employee who has an expense caused by the employee doing their job. Here are more interesting facts about expense reimbursement laws in California.


The Gig Workers and Distance Workers


  1. Even if you work at home, you may be eligible for work-related cost reimbursement. Those reimbursements can include technology that allows you to work from home, including full or partial reimbursements for your cell phone, internet service, and even equipment.
  2. Travel costs when you are required to travel to the office for meetings, or when you have to meet with colleagues or clients outside the home. That can include mileage or other types of expenses such as bus passes, tolls, etc.
  3. Office setup and operating expenses including the little things like file folders can be reimbursable items. If you have to spend money on it to do your job, it is likely that your employer will have to cover the cost under California employment law.




  • Upgrades to Do Your Job – A good example of how this works is when a home-based worker has internet service at home, but their job duties require a different type of internet service for them to do their jobs. That might be switching to high-speed cable internet over cellular Wi-Fi so that internet connectivity will support Zoom meetings and teleconferencing.
  • Using Your Own Equipment – Another example – If you need to use your own computer or laptop to do work then your employer may have to reimburse you for part or all of the cost of using that equipment.
  • Special Equipment – If you need special ergonomic equipment so you can safely perform your job duties, then your employer may be responsible for the cost of that equipment. It would be the same as if you worked in their office and needed a special chair to support your back or keyboard to help prevent joint injuries to your arms.


The Law Is Clear


If the expense is due to a required aspect of your job then the employer may be required to reimburse the employee. What that means is that if you incur an expense or loss as a result of your job duties, then your employer may have to reimburse you. If you are a home-based worker, and you want high-speed internet and high-speed internet is not required for you to do your job, then the extra cost of high-speed internet is likely not reimbursable. Likewise, if you do not need a phone to do your job, then you cannot legally expect to be reimbursed for your cell phone costs.

The process can become tricky, and some employers may refuse to reimburse their employees for questionable expenses. You don’t have to take their word for it. An employment lawyer can help you determine if you are right to expect wage or work-related reimbursements.

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